Containerised Generators

Whether you require only a secure container to hold your generator or a fully sound attenuated system including fuel storage and distribution, we can supply any ISO container based system to suit your needs. Our generators are built into a corrugated metal container, with aluminium reinforced floor.

For systems up to 1600kVA we can install the generator, basic control panel and fuel system into a single 40′ (or smaller) standard ISO container.  For larger systems, the fuel supply and/or engine cooling system may be installed externally. If a remote fuel supply is chosen as an option, the fuel connections are installed on the side of the container for easy access and maintenance.

Containerised Generators Benefits

• Housed in custom designed ISO 20 ft or 40 ft containers.
• Self contained. Each machine is equipped with on board control and protection equipment. Complete with an integral fuel tank with bunding for 110% of all generator fluids.
• All container generators are optimised to give the lowest possible noise levels without compromising other features.
• The generators are designed to be housed in standard shipping sized containers enabling easy transport by road, rail, sea or air.
• Designed to withstand harsh environments and weather conditions
• Built from galvanised steel to protect from rust and corrosion
• Easy to install, maintain and service.
• Large internal fuel tank
• External fuel filling point
• Steel rail runners, for the generator
• Channel air flow intakes and outlets
• Residential silencer to reduce noise
• High quality soundproofing